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F's paintings of the objects children make are drawn from her own family stories, and perhaps to think of them alongside the Paintings of Paintings makes a certain kind of sense: there are many different reasons we give value to things. To paint other forgotten paintings and to paint modest objects means that F's new paintings ask questions of what painting actually does, how we live with it, and why.
- Laura August, She Lives with Objects, 2018

She’s showing us what we actually view, day in, day out. And she’s doing it without explanation. There are no additives here, there’s certainly no flash. It is what it is. (...) This directness should be admired. It reminds me of the thrill I get when I see a Mexican restaurant called “Taco”, or an office supply store called “Office Supply Store.” These frank offerings all feel as tender as a simple handshake.
- Robyn O’Neil, October 9, 2012, ‘Francesca Fuchs: Paintings of Paintings,’

Francesca Fuchs makes small, wonderfully wan renditions of even smaller snapshots and drawings, including mats, frames and those frames’ shadows, that seem to be fading into the mist, toward abstraction.
- Roberta Smith, Aug 5 2010, The New York Times, Varieties of Abstraction

In other words, questions about objectivity and the artist’s emotive distance in terms of representation become even clearer when she subjectively, selectively and deliberately pushes around paint. As a result, Fuchs confidently proves, as in past work, that the iconicity of traditional notions of womanhood and its association with the home are still hanging around in all their banal and disquieting splendor. (....) Fuchs’ version is deadpan and unapologetically untidy.
- Michelle White, Artlies#54, Francesca Fuchs: Perspectives 155